Out of Hospital

First off, let me say thanks to Moira for posting an update to my blog about my unexpected trip to the hospital - however I don't know why a technical writer would make so many punctuation errors, but I put it down to being worried about your husband! Also, thanks to the folks who left comments on the post, as well as Mitch and Geoff who even wrote get well posts for me - it's really appreciated.

So, I am out of hospital again. What a wretched way to spend my holidays!

For those of you interested in the story, follow the link to more about my experiences. For the rest of you, let me give you an analogy to describe what's happening - You know when have a new computer and it runs well and stuff just works, After a while you install stuff, uninstall stuff, remove stuff etc and over time you have bits of stuff everywhere, crap in the registery, dlls, folders, files. You know what I mean. And then your computer starts running slow, unexpected errors, conflicts when you install new stuff. At that point you know it's time for a cleanup - just like Mitch and Cam did recently.  Well that's what I need - time to clean MY registry.

Anyway, I am at home now, recouperating (drinking plenty of fluids and eating foods high in fibre), and I will have a few stories to tell. I may even get on the pod.

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  1. Dan Green says:

    Wonderful news! It’s great to have you back.

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