Amazing Photostory from Phuket

, Senior Vice President for Microsoft's Windows Client Business, was in
Phuket with his family when the
Tsunami hit.

He captured a lot of before and after photos and created a first
hand Photo Story
 (this is a 6mb file, I recommend right-clicking on the
link and doing a Save Target As). Oh, You will also need Windows
Media Player 10
or Photo
Story 3
to watch this.

[Thanks to Larry
Osterman for the link

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  1. Mav says:

    No way are you going to get us to install that piece of highly DRM-infested piece of software for this. Nice try though. 🙂

  2. Clarke Scott says:

    Hey Mav,

    Are you suggesting that Frank is using the Tsunami disaster to get people to install microsoft software.

    You clearly dont know him!

    If I was in the same room as you when I read this. I would have walked over to you and bitch slapped you so hard your tiny brian would have been bouncing around inside your overly large head for a week!


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