Sydney Welcomes 2005


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  1. Sorry for being pathetic. But I would have loved to see going all the money into help for Asia… instead of spending it for fireworks. But maybe that’s just me.

    Happy new year – now also from Germany!

  2. Frank Arrigo says:

    You are not being pathetic

    this was discussed. the funds were committed

    the aid agencies were able to collect over $1M from attendees of the fireworks

    every little bit helps

  3. Winston Pang says:

    It was actually debated whether to call off the event due to the devastating event of the Tsunami’s. However, it was calculated that cancelling the event at the last minute, would cost more than going ahead with the event.



  4. John says:

    And from what you say, a lot of money was raised that wouldn’t have if the event had been cancelled.

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