Dr Pete *FINALLY* gets with the program and get’s himself a blog

I saw a post on the AUS-DOTNET mailing today that I never thought I would see...

From: dotnet-owner@stanski.com [mailto:dotnet-owner@stanski.com] On Behalf Of Peter Stanski
Sent: Monday, 13 December 2004 11:41 AM
To: dotnet@stanski.com
Subject: [aus-dotnet] I finally started a Blog

Hey Guys,

I' ve talked myself into being a beta user of MSN Spaces. Which has resulted in a blog: 😎 So for those that emailed me some time back and suggested I start one - thanks for all your emails. Here it is.







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Dr Pete has starting a blog - it's a bit simple as he has used MSN Spaces to get his own space, but it is to be admired.

I have update the Aussie .NET Blogger OPML to reflect this momentous occasion.

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  1. Dr. Pete says:

    Hey Frank,
    <br>Thanks for the plug. I’ve graduated into blogging… Now I hope you’re reading every single entry I have posted. There’s gonna be a quiz next time I see you to check that you’ve been paying attention!

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