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Frank Gets Into the Spirit
Ho, Ho, Ho.
Santa Frank   
I’m playing Santa in this edition, letting you know about some of the goodies we’re offering you in December, just for MSDN Flash readers.
There was a lot of buzz following my editorial in the last edition of the flash on the value of an MSDN subscription. We’ve changed the license terms to allow our local developers to purchase individual MSDN licenses through the OPEN licensing program, giving you significant savings. You can also take advantage of a two-year subscription for the price of one. Plus there’s a promotion for existing Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003 customers to upgrade to an MSDN subscription. Click here to check out these offers.

Also exclusive to MSDN Connection members, be one of the first 30 members to buy MSDN Universal via this month’s special offers and you’ll get a digital camera. How’s that for a sweet deal! Plus you’re entitled to discounted training – check out our Mates Rates offer below.

You may have heard we’ve released some interesting technology for MSDN subscribers to start working with. Like the new presentation subsystem ‘Avalon’ for Windows that unifies development of documents, graphics and applications into a common platform. And the really cool news is ‘Avalon’ now installs and runs on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003. Check it out today.

Last but not least, have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll look forward to keeping you up to date with all the latest news in 2005.

‘Til next time, Happy Coding

Frank Arrigo  

Featured Articles
Install the cumulative security update for Internet Explorer.
If you’re looking to upgrade your Visual Studio, now’s the perfect time. Right now, you can upgrade to the NEW Visual Studio .NET Professional 2003 Special Edition for just AU$948 (RRP). Or get the Full Version for a low AU$1387. Special Edition helps you create data-driven Web applications quickly and easily using familiar Visual Basic techniques. Using Visual Studio .NET and ASP.NET to build your applications will give you improved performance, reliability, security, and scalability. And if you’re considering upgrading, the new language enhancements of Visual Basic 2005 outlined in the next article might also interest you.
Discover how Visual Basic 2005’s new language enhancements can help you. Explore simple code snippets and learn how many of them work. This link features XML comments, generics, global keyword, partial types, ‘My’, and more.
Did you know that only around a third of software development projects go ahead successfully? If you want to make sure your next project is one of them, the Microsoft Solutions Development Centre could be your answer. With the infrastructure and experience to save you real time and money, it’s a great alternative to appointing expensive consultants. Accredited Microsoft technicians are just a call away to help you make informed decisions using proven tools and practices. Which will reduce risks and ensure your project runs smoothly - on time and on budget.
The end of 2004 signals the end of the support lifecycle for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server. Microsoft is following through on previously announced plans to retire public and technical support and security updates on 31 December. The support lifecycle for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation ended 30 June 2004.

Microsoft is retiring support for these products because the technology is now dated and can expose customers to security risks. Microsoft recommends that customers who are still running Windows NT 4.0 begin migrations to newer, more secure Microsoft operating system products as soon as possible; those who have already upgraded to Windows Server 2003 are reporting improved security, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased productivity. With all these business benefits, you’ll never look back.

Microsoft has assembled a range of tools, information and resources to help smooth your migration path, and support your business-critical applications during migration. Gain savings in time, money and resources. Discover the increased productivity, greater security and a lower TCO that flows from your move to Windows Server 2003. To find out why you’ll never look back, click here.

Training and Events
Is every line of code you and your team produce as sharp as it could be? Are you and your team collaborating seamlessly? Are your deployment strategies at the pointy end of security? If you’re in any doubt then you and your team should attend the Microsoft Security Summit 2005. It will help you sharpen your skills for the year ahead. This year’s Summit includes an extensive examination of ‘Visual Studio Team System’ and the major advantages it will give you across all application development lifecycle stages. Plus topics as wide ranging as ‘Source Control and Work Item Tracking’, ‘Tools for Quality Code’ and a discussion of ‘SQL Server 2005 Yukon’. It’s running in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. Best of all it’s complimentary – with no charge to attend. So you and your team can attend one session, or all of them. Places are strictly limited and filling fast so click here and register today.
It’s never too late to build up your skills to get ahead. And there’s never been a better time, because exclusive to MSDN Connection members, our Training Partners are offering you a huge range of fantastic courses with significant discounts. Discounts of up to 30%, plus special offers like 3 courses for the price of 2, complimentary exams or even a bonus Xbox! Not an MSDN member? You can subscribe to MSDN Connection at
If you’re in Adelaide this month you’re in luck. For one day only, Dave Glover will deliver a lunchtime session covering advantages of the ‘System Definition Model’ support in Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect. You’ll learn all about new support in Visual Studio 2005 Team System, including re-factoring, unit test, profiling, performance test, and management aspects of the software development lift cycle. All in just over an hour. And don’t worry - this time Dave promises no ‘Demo Daemons.’ Kick off is at 12:05 sharp, with a short break for lunch at 12:30. So make sure you register today and mark Wednesday 15 December in your diary.
Run Access applications? Faced with the decision to upgrade or migrate to Microsoft SQL Server and/or Microsoft .NET technology? This two-day, hands-on workshop delivered by Adam Cogan will help you understand your options and how to proceed with confidence. Learn to convert Access applications to be more reliable and scalable, make your applications easier to back up, easier to put on the Web and easier to scale to an Enterprise level. For better Access to Microsoft Access, register now.

The Future of Microsoft Technology
See if you can out-master your colleagues - or even your boss - with these cool skills tests. Whether you use Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET, these great assessments will identify your strengths. And with every test you’ll get a Personalised Learning Plan to help you brush up on skills you’d like to improve on. Take a test now and see how your score compares to other developers on the worldwide leader board. Good luck!
If you’re developing for .NET while your clients are working with Lotus Notes, you may find it difficult to integrate their Notes/Domino databases into your new environment. Proposion NZN addresses these issues by allowing you to access their databases, so make your life easier and download a complimentary trial version now.

Fresh from the Web
Imagine all the Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++ codes you could ever need in one place. This release has a whopping 5,000 extra code examples, along with bug fixes and content improvements and clarifications. Plus you can check out the latest tips and hints from developers in the U.S. Follow the link and get cracking.
Here you’ll find a host of handy tools to save you valuable time and resources. Just for starters there’s the Standards Master 2004, which checks your .NET-based code against flexible, configurable coding standards that you define, reporting any violations. And how’s this for a great idea – now your users can recover their own forgotten passwords without calling you or the helpdesk. ANIXIS Password Reset 1.0 for Windows allows users to reset their own passwords by simply asking them a few personal questions. Check out the site for more exciting tools and gadgets.
Want to have the slickest working code around? The handy little ANTS speed tester identifies slow code, allowing you to optimise it and improve your overall performance. You’ll understand how your code is working and how memory is being used with this simple, stable application which works on nearly all .NET applications.

Case Studies, Kb Articles and How to’s

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MSDN Flash Australia
Friday, 10 December, 2004
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The Future of Microsoft Technology
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2. Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4)
3. Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP
4. DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (October 2004)
5. MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services
6. SDK for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs
7. Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows NT 4.0
8. Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack (vbrun60sp5.exe)
9. DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (Summer 2004)
10. MDAC 2.7 SP1 Refresh
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