Biztalk Bill Blasts off with Melbourne Biztalk User Group

BizTalk Bill sent me an email,
letting me know of the successful Melbourne BizTalk User Group Meeting held
earlier in the week. I had seen some great posts in the blogosphere already by
Bill, JeffA,
Mitch & Matty.

Congrats on such a terrific turnout. Will Melbourne become the BizTalk
capital of Australia? It already has Bryn Systems who is Australia's only dedicated
BizTalk development company, as well as BizTalk Bill himself!

From: Bill Chesnut 
Sent: Thursday, 2 December 2004
9:46 AM
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: 1st Melbourne BizTalk User Group




I thought it would be good to pass on that we had around 50
people attend

the 1st Melbourne BizTalk User Group Meeting on the 30th of


The turnout was far above me expectations and looks like we
are going to

have a very involved BizTalk community in


Bill Chesnut

Senior Consultant




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  1. that’s right Dude!! And I wonder why Melbourne would be the capital of BizTalk??? Hmmm let’s see….

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