Updated Aussie .NET Blogger OPML

I'm just catching up on bloggers who want to be added to the Aussie .Net Blogger
, as well as some folks who have changed hosts in the past few

So, we now have GarryMalcolm Groves & Eddie De Bear added to the list,
with Angus Logan and David Kean having their details updated.
Apologies for not getting this done sooner!

If you are an Aussie
Blogger and you want to be added to the list
, just drop me a comment.

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  1. Mostly Delphi-related, and not updated as often as I’d like, but with Delphi2005 coming this month, it’ll be more and more .NET-focused!


  2. Maate,

    Couple of questions for you. How do you put into your posts the current music track you are listening and this is a really dumb question. How do you get photos into your posts?

    Profuse apologies for asking lame questions…

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