Sauce Reader – Aussie Software

There's been a bit of talk in the blogosphere about Sauce Reader.

It's a neat application, uses the .NET Framework, has a blog, and best of all, developed in Australia, by an Australian company - Synop.

It's still in beta, but I have started using this on my home pc, and it is really rock solid.


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  1. Looks like paid version of RSS Bandit.

  2. Jake Good says:

    It’s rock solid, but throw more than 100 RSS feeds and it slows down to a crawl, doesn’t efficiently update, and consumes 70mb of RAM.

    :: shrugs ::

  3. Andrew says:

    i LOVE it! A total rip of the Outlook (which i like), and FREE!

    Was reading this blog with it 🙂

  4. Clarke Scott says:

    The above comment the Sauce Reader looks like a paid version of RSS Bandit is just plain wrong!

    I have been using RSS Bandit for some months now and this app goes to the toilet all over RSS Bandit! And it’s free for personal use.

    I say a big thumbs up for Sauce Reader.

  5. Peter Mackay says:

    Cool tool! Thanks for putting me onto this, Frank – yet another time I’ve scored something useful from reading your blog.

    Pete, wondering if you are fair dinkum about finding that whistle or just going through the motions

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hunting around the web, its not that easy to find many Australian companies that are in the blog tool or RSS/Sydndication field. The one that stands out is Synop, who make Sauce Reader which is an RSS reader that is currently in beta….once again, this is a company i ran across thanks to Robert Scoble and Frank Arrigo. If anybody…

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