ASP.NET Hosting Offer for MSDN Connection members

Launching later this week - an email will be sent to all members!!!

it will be terrific.

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  1. m says:

    FYI, the notification emails they send out get caught by hotmails spam filter.

  2. Sazzad says:

    Thanks for the link. just setup my project. Got my msdn connection card last week. I am pretty excited too.

  3. Someone says:

    did frank get in trouble… the links gone…?

  4. Great news… Was this a test to see who reads the EULA – what is the relevance of the Sidewinder Game Device the EULA expects we will use with the software?

  5. Michel Rees says:

    Thanks for the info Frank.

    I set my project site up with VS yesterday.

    Great hosting facility.



  6. Do you have to be in Australia for this?

  7. AndrewD says:

    How long does it take for the emails to be sent out?

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