We’ll be making movies at TechEd Australia

My team is going to be running around with a DV Camera filming behind the scenes of TechEd Australia. The result of this will be posted to the Channel9.

So for those of you who will be attending TechEd, we'll be looking for you!!

For those of you who can't get to TechEd this year, you can follow what's happening online at TechEd Bloggers. We already have a good number of folks listed.

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  1. Clarke Scott says:

    Do you know the feeling when, as a kid you wanted to go to the Disney Land and your parents kept saying NO.

    Well, I wont be attending TechED this year, bugger! But vidoes, this is good news.

    The videos on channel 9 are all short in length. Does this mean that the videos from Oz TechED will also be short.

    If so, could you make the full length vidoes available?

    Perhaps the Australian user groups could have video night! Now that’s geeky! I love it…



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