Behind the Scenes of the BillG Breakfast

Hopefully this wont be a CLM, but I thought I would share some of the experience of being involved in the recent BillG breakfast.

I've listed the major activities, based on MY involvement. I am sure others were engaged earlier, but this is my timeline and activities

T-45 Told about event
T-42 Start Building invite list
T-40 Add my comments to Briefing Doc
T-39 Review Speech Notes
T-33 Group get together. Review Briefing Doc. Review invite list
T-28 2nd Draft Briefing Document
T-27 Final Briefing Document
T-26 Send Invite list to PR team
T-24 Scrub details on lists
T-23 Scrub more details on lists
T-21 Invites prepared to be sent
T-19 People getting invites & press knows about event. I get my first call about changes to the list
T-18 I get my first call about NOT being invited.
T-07 Review of presentation - add local content
T-06 Call downs of guests. Confirm those who havent registered. Review Presentation
T-05 Table Assignments: We are working on assumption 10 per table - 1 Host and 9 Guests
T-04 Review slides with SV and provide speaking notes for local content
T-03 Table Shuffles : 8 per table: Review Presentation.
T-02 Table Scrub - notice problems. Some people invited dont have tables and some people on tables not invited!
T-01 Final Table Scrub
T-00 The Event


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  1. Marty says:

    Hi Frank,

    I still haven’t seen the picture of us with ‘the Bill’. Are you going to post it?

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