Goodies with each of the Visual Studio 2005 Express downloads

Each of the Visual Studio
2005 Express Editions
have additional goodies as samples. The best goodie of
the lot comes with href="">Visual C#
Express Edition

Screen Saver src="" align=left
border=0> RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit -- The Visual C# Express
Edition 2005 RSS screen saver is a fully customizable sample application and
documentation that shows how you can create a screensaver that rotates through
background images and displays content from an RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

I love it!! And to think HREF="/frankarr/archive/2004/05/20/136387.aspx">I bought
one of these a while ago and lamented the lack of support of the .net

[Now Playing: Weird Al Yankovic 2 - Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Polka Your Eyes Out (03:51)]

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  1. Clarke Scott says:

    I love .NET

    But Weird Al?

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