Visual Studio 2005 Beta

It's here - VS 2005 Beta was announced at TechEd Europe. The href="">MSDN VS2005 Developer
Center is fantastic.

alt="Download the latest builds of Visual Studio 2005"
src="" align=left border=0>
Latest Builds

Beta 1 color=#999999>(6/29/2004)
May Community Tech Preview color=#999999>(5/1/2004)
Express Betas color=#999999>(6/29/2004)

What are you waiting for - Download now!!!!!

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  1. John Young says:

    Woo hooo. I’m downloading them now. I have noticed that the file sizes for the express builds are very small. Does that mean that there is no IDE with these?

  2. John Young says:

    Ok,ok, I’ve just noticed that the setup routine downloads the software from MS. Does anyone know where I can download the complete package? Just in case I want to reinstall without downloading?

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