Windows XP SP2 RC2

During the recent href="">Security
Summit, we made available href="">Windows

Well last week, there was an update. As Andrew Coates mentioned over and
over and over again in the href="">MSDN Update
Session he delivered , we really encourage developers to take a close
look at href="">Windows
XP SP2 and see what effect is has on their application.  For
reference, we have Tony Goodhew's
XP SP2 Blog
 which covers this topic in great detail, as well as the href="">MSDN
Developer Center.

You can get Release Candidate 2 at href="">

Windows Update will also get
these bits to you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I recently had a conversation about SP2 from a development perspective. Me as infrastructure consultant, I was way out of my comfort zone listening to DCOM and ActiveX questions with regard to SP2. Fortunately, I found this dedicated blog by Tone Goodhew, Product Manager in the Developer Division where he specifically writes about DCOM and SP2.

  2. sanguineus says:

    Um… Hiya. ^.^;; I know this is gonna sound really strange… but do you think you could send me the Jennifer Saunders version of Holding Out for a Hero? My AIM is Seppuku Charms… I’d really appreciate it. I know it’s weird–I’m a complete stranger, after all–but thanks anyway.

    sanguineus (

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