MSDN Flash – Monday 21 June, 2004 : Approved

width=75 align=left border=0>I have just clicked the Approve
button on the internal tool we have for Publishing
Electonic Newsletters (guess what the tool is
called), to send out the href="">lastest MSDN
Flash, and I have received my own copy in the email.

So, href="">my first
edition as editor is out. Looking forward to all the feedback - both
positive and negative.

Gotta love it when the system works.

[Now Playing: Jennifer Saunders - Shrek 2 - Fairy Godmother Song (01:52)]

Comments (3)
  1. Looks good Frank! Came through perfectly 😉 Although I get two copies but that’s my fault.

  2. It’s called Crayon, right?

  3. Yeah I saw the newsletter.

    Keep up the great work. Love the portrait!

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