Canberra Secuity Summit & MSDN Twilight Conference

On Friday, I headed down to Canberra with Chuck. It was a good chance to take my car for a spin AND join in the fun with the Canberra attendees of the Security Summit.

I manned the MSDN booth for a few hours and then headed up to the room for the MSDN session. Andrew did a fine job with the Windows XP SP2 session and then Chuck delivered a terrific ASP.NET v2 session, and to wrap up the evening, we caught up with the team from the Canberra .NET User Group.

On Saturday morning, Chuck wanted to buy some fireworks, so we went to Fyshwick looking for some. Unfortunatly for us (or maybe fortunatly) the sale of fireworks is now regulated in the ACT - only ACT residents can purchase, AND only during particular times during the year. Do'h!

Anyways, after that mis-adventure, we hit the highway and drove back to Sydney. Once I got home, I packed up my boys and we went to see Shrek 2.

Later this week I will post a link to all the presentations & resources.

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  1. Skyring says:

    I’d like to seize this opportunity to say thanks to Microsoft and the MSDN team for a great event. I missed the event earlier this year because the builders were spending more time dismantling/upgrading/disorganising my kitchen than intended, so even though I had a bad cold – like half of Canberra, apparently – I made my way in to this one, thinking I might miss one of the sessions if I felt too seedy.

    I stayed for the lot. Jasper Johannson was just brilliant as a presenter and he covered his subject superbly. I thought I knew a bit about SQL injection attacks, having attended a recent SQL SIG presentation on this topic, but Jasper just blew that away. Extraordinary man. I’m very glad he’s on the side of the good guys and working for Microsoft.

    And after a great security summit, I climbed the stairs to the MSDN twilight session and was just blown away. A sit down dinner with candles on the tables, complimentary drinks, and Andrew the strolling presenter talking us through XP SP2 for developers. Way to charm crusty old geeks like me!

    Chuck Sterling’s session on ASP.NET improvements was great. As ever. When he frisbeed DVDs into the crowd I thought that I now understood how he’d got his name!

    And thank you for the two USB keys I got as a reward for handing in the eval forms. One I am using to store my current manuscript – I can now work on it wherever I am – and the other is being used by my daughter, a student teacher, to transfer Powerpoint presentations and other documents between home, university and wherever she is prac teaching.

    Peter Mackay MCP MCSD MSGEEK

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