When the news that href="">objectspaces
would be 'delayed' hit, a href="">number of
folks started to grizzle.

No need.

Have a look at NEO, otherwise know as
The .NET Entity Objects Framework

Neo is a framework that provides an object facade for ADO.NET to the
application developer. It includes tools to create the database schema from
the object model and provides rich schema information at runtime allowing it
to dynamically generate all SQL required for object persistence management. At
the same time, much like ADO.NET DataSets, it is independent of the actual
backing store and works equally well with objects transmitted in an XML

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  1. Right.

    And after looking at neao, look at any other other other tools that actually are more feature complete.

  2. frank arrigo says:


    I would love to hear about better tools

  3. look around.

    Frans Bourma’a LLBGEN Pro (not too bad, no ineheritacne but dead easy to use).

    TechTalk hasa tool out.

    We have a tool out.

    Lot’s of them.

    Just certain (not feature complete, mostly) open source tools always assume they are the world’s greatest.

  4. Charles says:

    And if you wanted ObjectSpaces then you would at least want to look at Paul Wilson’s mapper since it uses the same syntax of ObjectSpaces.

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