Still having fun with Visual Blogger.

 I cant get the pesky windows media plugin display thingy to work.

And I've noticed the post time is really different to the actual time i
posted the entry. right now it's about 4.47pm Thu 20 May. But if you look at the
info below, it's different. Hmmm. must be the acutal server

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  1. The time bug is a bug in the server side code in .Text. I’ve tried some code to compensate, but to no avail. I’ll keep working on it.

    In terms of the WMP9 plugin, is it enabled on the settings page? Do you have it turned on in WMP9?

  2. Frank Arrigo says:

    Hi Robert

    re wmp9 plugin – yes it is turn on in media player, and yes i have enabled it on the settings page.

    when i open up the registry the values for the metadata are set. weird…..

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