Upcoming Gold Coast .NET User Group Meeting

Gold Coast .NET User Group Meeting Thursday, 17 June, at 6PM in Lecture Theatre 4, Bond University.

We are fortunate to have Joseph Cooney presenting on basic code generation concepts and features in the .NET framework.  These features include CodeDOM, XSLT, template-driven generation, System.Reflection.Emit and basic string manipulation. He will show where in the framework these techniques are used and provide an example of generating a data access tier for a SQL Server database.

 Joseph is a Solution Analyst and Developer with an interest in XML technologies and Code Generation. He has been working with the .NET framework for two years, and VB6 and "classic" ASP before that. He works for Polymorphic Solutions in Brisbane. He has a degree in engineering and is an MCSD.

Pizza will be served at 6PM and the presentation will begin at 630PM.  We have a number of prises to be given away after the talk.

Everyone is invited! 

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  1. JosephCooney says:

    Yikes – I’d better make it good then if Frank is blogging about it.

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