ASP.NET Site of the Day — Cracker

Those guys at F2 are really getting into ASP.NET.

I got a note from one of the developers of a new site they launch earlier this year - - which is a free classifieds site.

Here's their About Us page

At Cracker we have a strong opinion on what a web community should be.

It's a place where users decide the content, not us.

Cracker's aim is simple: to give local communities a free voice. That means we offer not-for-profit discussion forums and FREE classified ads on a town-to-town basis. We don't have online auctions or a global-domination agenda. We simply want to connect (and entertain) local Australians, in local suburbs, in local cities.

Of course, we can't allow illegal behaviour - but ultimately, this site's content is up to you. We don't censor content unless the Cracker community specifically votes for it (and in large numbers). Go ahead, try your best to shock us. Strong language? Pffft. Unless other Cracker users request it, you won't get banned. Yes. Really.

The best thing is, almost all of our services are entirely free.

Here's exactly what we're here for:

We give you

  • Free classified ads - including dating, real estate, cars, community events… you name it, we cover it! We also have some paid-ad categories (eg, jobs) to help pay our operating costs.
  • Peer-censored discussion forums. We're not the thought police so voice your real opinion.
  • A good time. We're not into boring classifieds ads so we encourage you to be imaginative. You've got nothing to lose by placing a crazily-worded ad - it's free and you can stay completely anonymous.

We DON'T give you

  • banner ads
  • online auctions
  • censorship of content, unless the community requests it
  • hidden after-sale fees or commissions

What do we believe in?

  • A fast and simple site - we doubt you'll find Cracker slow or hard-to-use.
  • Fresh, up-to-date content - old content bad, new content goo-oo-ood.
  • Democracy - you guys decide what's fair game on this site, NOT us
  • A free voice for everyone - so use it
  • Respect, trust and (and possibly even intimacy?) for your fellow Cracker members
  • Consistent, down-to-earth values

OK, now get to it. It's up to you to make this a great site.

After all, it's your web community, not ours.

- The Ed

Check it out!

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