Windows Media Center continues overseas march

CNET has gone public on this, so I can post it......

Windows Media Center continues overseas march
Microsoft plans to announce on Monday that its Media Center operating system is moving into new countries, even as the software maker works to make the entertainment software more ready for prime time.

After launching the operating system in the United States and Korea, Microsoft has slowly been introducing it in more countries. The company is set to announce Monday that the operating system will reach Australia, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland by the end of the year. [more]

Yes, you have read right - Australia will have Windows Media Center in the local market before the end of the year!!!!!

If you want to see Windows Media Center in action, head to the Sydney Home Show for a sneak preview. Tell'em you read it on Frank's blog 🙂

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  1. Mick Stanic says:

    Guess i know where i will be on the weekend….now all i need is a release date and i can stop playing around with trying to get my XBOX to resemble a media center…which its not doing to bad a job of at the moment 😉 …great news Frank….(and i need to start keeping an eye out on those MS press releases more often)

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