MSDN Connection Welcome Pack Update

The amount of support for MSDN Connection has been phenomenal. The buzz is definitely out there!
This has also meant that there have been some delays in sending welcome packs out. The plan at the moment is that everyone should have a welcome pack within the next 2 weeks.
So what can you expect to see in the welcome kits? It contains the following goodies:

  • MSDN Connection Welcome Letter

  • User Group Stickers

  • MSDN Connection Membership card

  • MSDN Connection program Guide

  • ASP.NET Resource Kit CD

  • Name Classes Poster

  • .Net Asia Magazine

And when will you hear more about the web hosting?  We are in the near the end of beta testing the site, so we hope to have this available to all in the first week of May. I will post a link once it is available.

Comments (3)
  1. Paschal says:

    Frank do you know if something like that exist in Europe/UK ?

  2. frank arrigo says:


    the plan is to make this program global

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