My Dream App

You may not know this , but I am a passionate AFL fan. I also love my XDA II.

The dream is to combine these two passions.

I have a vision of an app (ideally .net compact framework based) that i have on my XDA II which does the following:

  1. provides realtime update of score from the current afl game

  2. provides historical stats of past games

  3. grabs news about my team and makes them available for me to read at my leisure

  4. provide some overall stats - league ladder, leading goalkickers, etc

It's a great smart client app that has all the data I want at my fingertips, but updated as appropriate

Now, who is going to do this for me?

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  1. William Luu says:

    That sounds like an idea… But why just limit it to that particular team? Should be able to do it for all AFL teams. Noticed the MoBlog picture… Looks like a pair of footy shorts. Judging by the colour and remembering other fact about which team you support, I’d say it’s a pair of Saints shorts. Asked my brother, a Saints supporter, he agrees, it’s a Saints shorts. Final verdict, Saints shorts! 🙂

    I think it’s possible to do all that. And I personally think the best way to go about it would be having some form of Web Services and probably having a client app on the XDA I/II or Smart Phone pulling that data from the Web Service. Although, yes you probably wouldn’t want to be doing that, it’d probably end up quite costly since the cost of GPRS is quite high over here.

    Next option I suppose would be to have everything stored on the phone using Compact Framework combined with the SQL CE. Compact Framework for the backend, and SQL CE for data storage (or even XML). Perhaps updates via the Web Service. Compile game stats weekly and make that available through the Web Service. Compact Framework app might have something like, if (last modified web service > last modified local file) then download updates.

    Or if you want to totally forego all the wireless connectivity, then have an option to go through the USB cable connected to the PC/Laptop.

    It would be a really cool app! In a pub, in an argument over particular footy stat(s), whip out the trusty XDA II and show that you’re correct. Other guy is in awe, jaws drop to the ground, still staring at the beautiful XDA II! Make a new friend, avoid lengthy argument! Nice… 🙂

  2. Justin King says:

    Frank, Be happy to write that for you.

    Assuming that when using real time you will be connected to the net either via bluetooth to your home network, or to ISP with the XDA II.

    I have XDA I that is going in today for repair (screen died due to some accident) and as XDA I is discontinuted I might be getting XDA II as replacement if they cannot fix. Hmmm drop it out of window….

    Justin King

  3. Chris says:

    Frank, I think my site has just about everything you’re after. You can’t run it on your XDA II but still thought you might be interested.

  4. Paul says:

    Yeah, certainly has all the argument-settling data… and it (kind of) works on Windows PocketPC Mobile Edition 2003 CE (or whatever it’s called this week).

    "What? Voss gets more touches than Buckley? Rubbish, you drunken buffoon…. (tap tap tap) … taa-daa!"

  5. Molly says:

    I am currently working on a distributed application that uses ADO.NET datasets to show the values in a .Net applicaiton. I am a Newbie to VB.Net programming so it is taking me a while to get the frontend working the way I like. Keep an eye on my blog and you will get updates on how I am going. I guess I can let you know the API if you want to write the frontend from a compact framework. Just contact me and I can pass it on as I do it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My T-Mobile Shadow has become my phone of choice for the past few weeks, and I’ve been pimping it up

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