Back to Work — Big Week Ahead

Phew, that break of mine seems to have gone by pretty quickly! It was a nice break, but I have been struggling with the flu for the whole time. It's been pretty horrible - I feel like I have coughed up a lung. Sorry Jason - I think you got your bug from me.

Anyways, there is a lot of stuff going on this week - some of which I have mentioned previously:

ASP.NET Hosting Technical Seminar

Microsoft Mobile DevCon 2004

Australian MSDN Update April 2004

Australian SMART CLIENT seminar

Microsoft Worldwide ISV Executive Strategy Day
This is something I havent written about yet. We are running a one-day ISV Strategy Day on 22 April, 2004 in Sydney. We are pleased to have in Australia two of Microsoft's Corporate executive team members available to present to you; Mark Young, Corporate General Manager of ISV Strategy and Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President of MBS. This exclusive full day event will give you the information necessary to guide your technology development, channel strategy, marketing investments and successfully deliver the next generation of software solutions to your customers. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn more about the ISV trends and the road ahead. Learn more at the site.

I'm going to be busy this week!

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  1. Definitely sounds like it is going to be "one of those weeks" Frank.

    I am trying oh-so-hard to get myself a return flight to Sydney for the MDC on the 20th — it is /so/ expensive, I think the cheapest I have found so far is $200 there and $200 back from Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne.

    I really think it would be great to get myself there to meet you and some other interesting people!

    I registered for the event quite some time ago, now its just the matter of getting myself there!


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