Channel 9 is alive

After much speculation and wondering, Channel 9 is alive.

Channel 9 is a new way for Microsoft to communicate with the developer community in a human voice and to share another side of Microsoft.  On a daily basis it will feature an inside glimpse into the platforms and products, and the company behind them.  Taking it a step further we give the community a chance to interact, share their ideas, and help us build a better Microsoft.  Channel 9 combines video, RSS, forums, and Wikis together in a single resource to bring many facets of the conversation together under one roof.  

As an Aussie, I find this a rather unfortunate name, as it is associated with the largest television network here in Australia (and associated online properties).

I love the concept. I really like the site, but the name leaves a lot to be desired

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  1. The first time I checked out that website (about a week or so ago I think), I thought it had some affiliation with the TV network.

    Thank god they didn’t call it SBS, or I might not have even bothered clicking the link 😉


  2. Anonymous says:

    You arrived

    a year ago

    Happy Birthday little fellow!

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