Extending Visual Studio, and some extras

AaronM posts:



In addition, we've also launched a new section on MSDN devoted to Visual Studio extensibility called the “Visual Studio Extensibility Center”. You can go there for information on how to download VSIP and VSIP Extras. You can now write packages in managed code (C#, VB .NET, J#, Managed C++, etc...) and use 2 new wizards to get your packages started off on the right foot. Happy coding!!!

So Matty, there's even more you can do with Visual Studio!!!

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  1. Woohoo, bring it on!

    I’ve been writing an addin for 2k3, its really quite amazing what you can do with it!

    Most of the stuff utilizes office.dll, command bars etc.

    Unfortunately I can’t say what the addin is for, or MS might kick my butt 😉


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