Microsoft Security Summit – Developer Sessions

Securing Smart Client Applications

This presentation takes a high-level view of Smart Client security, covering Threat Modelling, Application Deployment and Updating, and strategies for including the .NET Framework with your application. Topics include important security points on the perimeter of your application:  Security Zones, Evidence based permissions, Code Access Security, Application Updater and Web Services Security.

Speaker: Charles Sterling

  • Download IssueVision, the smart client sample application

  • Securing Smart Client Applications - Advanced Topics

    Discover Data Driven Smart Client Security best practices in this advanced session. This presentation explores strategies for securing data, encryption methodologies, the age old debate of Data Readers versus Datasets in ADO.NET and options for offline data storage -with detailed code walk throughs. It is a must-see session for NET developers or DBA wanting to know how their database is going to be used.

    Speaker: Andrew Coates

  • Download the PowerPoint Slides and Demo Code (6 MB)

  • Download just the demo code (166 KB)

  • Download IssueVision, the smart client sample application

  • Securing Web Applications

    Web site security is a top priority for developers today and understanding Web security fundamentals and the nature of threats to existing applications is crucial. In this session you will learn how to identify critical security threats to Web applications and show you how to defend against them. Topics include IIS security, the ASP.NET worker process, and authentication and authorization models.

    Speaker: Dave Glover

  • Download> (1.29 MB)

  • Securing Web Applications - Advanced Topics

    This session focuses on understanding threat modelling and the common threats that all Web applications face. Topics include types of attacks; common attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, input tampering attacks and identifying vulnerabilities.

    Speaker: Dave Glover

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