Agenda for the upcoming Australian Mobile Developers Conference

Here's a sneak peak of the agenda for the upcoming Australian Mobile Developers Conference, to be held on April 20 2004 in Sydney. Registration is open.

  • Opening Keynote
    Hear for the first time in Australia, Microsoft's roadmap for the future of development for mobility and see new yet to be released mobile computing devices and technologies.

  • Building mobile web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls  
    Learn how to develop web sites today for mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs and discover how this will change in the coming years.

  • The Compact Framework and its application in the real world today
    Discover what other people are doing with Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework and how they are planning on leveraging existing infrastructures as they move into mobile application development.

  • Data strategies for mobile devices and sometimes-connected applications
    Find out the best way to store data on mobile devices and synchronise that data with desktop and server databases. This session will also explore the next version of SQL Server CE codenamed 'Laguna'.

  • Advanced Windows Mobile development 
    Explore the avenues you can take to enhance your Smartphone and Pocket PC applications. Learn from the experts some of best tips and tricks for mobile development, including a look at how some of these issues will be solved in the future.

  • Developing Mobile PC Apps
    Examine how to write PC applications for Tablet PCs and laptops, covering; data synchronisation issues, roaming networking, Ink enablement and considerations for installation.

  • Advanced Mobile PC development 
    Delve into the details of writing PC applications for mobility including being power aware, issues with the forthcoming release of Windows XP service pack 2 and new features being supported by the new version of the Tablet PC SDK codenamed 'Lonestar'.

  • Building location aware apps with MapPoint
    See the first public showing of Map Point with Australian maps. Learn how you can utilise location data within your application. This session will unveil new technologies that will be available in Australia later in the year and explore the roadmap for future development of location aware software.

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