When do people get approved for MSDN Connection

There's been some discussion on the approval process for MSDN Connection. It's so good to see people are keen to get connected.

There are two approval methods at the moment for MSDN Connection:

  1. People that registered directly online.  
    These will go through approval this week, a welcome pack full of goodies including MSDN Connection members card AND user group stickers will then be sent to their postal address within the next 3 weeks. You will also be able to access the web site once approval has been done.

  2. People that registered their interest in becoming members at the Secuirty Summit.
    Developers that expressed their interested in joining the program on the today, will receive an email either by COB Monday or Tuesday which will also them to go to the MSDN Connection web site and activate their membership. Once they have done this they will receive their welcome pack etc in about 3 weeks too!

Hope that has answered the questions

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