MSDN Connection Buzz continues

One week since announcing MSDN Connection, and 3 cities visited (Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra) the buzz continues.

Chris Burrows, Scott McCulloch, Tejas Patel and Darren Neimke all put forward their thoughts on the program. Darren in particular writes a fantastic piece on enjoying a good reputation.

You too can follow the buzz using the magic of feedster

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  1. Tejas Patel says:

    Have filled out the application, now looking forward to getting a positive response (that I got in 😉 )from Microsoft and than hoping to be active soon.

    BTW: Frank will you be in Melbourne Security Summit ?

  2. Tejas Patel says:

    Did I tell you I am going to put the links of MSDN live and explain a bit about it on my University mailing list where I am doing my Masters’s and forward it to some lecturers as well, hoping some students can take the benefit of it too.

  3. Hey, that looks like a neat program, I guess you have to be Australian to join, eh?


  4. frank arrigo says:

    Marcie – at the moment, this is only in asia-pacific. it will be global sson

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