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Recently I've been asked by a few hosters how they can offer ASP.NET. Well, as usual, we have a program for this 🙂 

It's “The Microsoft ASP.NET Hosting Advantage“ program. It has two really good offerings:

  • Promotion in the ASP.NET Hoster Directory: Microsoft helps developers find quality ASP.NET web hosting services via this directory ( It is promoted on key developer websites marketing channels including MSDN, e-newsletters, and conferences, as well as to Microsoft's worldwide sales and marketing field. Participation in the directory has driven increased traffic and sign-ups for partner hosters.

  • The ASP.NET Hosting Kit: The ASP.NET Hosting kit contains guidance on how to best deploy and host ASP.NET. It includes highlights on enhancements in Windows Server 2003, best practices for deploying and managing ASP.NET Hosting, access to freely distributable developer tools such as ASP.NET Web Matrix, and a Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit.

If you are wanting to offer ASP.NET hosting, check this out

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