Calling all Developers! It’s time to score some recognition!

Designed by Developers, for Developers, MSDN Connection is Microsoft's new peer-based recognition program - created in conjunction with Australian International .NET Association (INETA) user groups.

MSDN Connection is about bringing developers together, from all walks of life - both professional as well as student developers, to a common place where they have the opportunity to share ideas among each other, meet and participate with their peers in user groups while all the time learning and sharing from each others developer experiences.

This is a fantastic way for members of the Developer community to build closer relationships with Microsoft and other industry affiliates, as well as receive recognition for individual accomplishments. And, best of all - there's no cost for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

The MSDN Connection program has launch in Australia on March 1, 2004. Further details on how to register will be available at the Security Summit in each state.

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  1. This looks incredibly interesting! Any idea on when (and if) this will launch in the states?


  2. Dominic Adsi says:

    If you want a true community, why introduce a hierarchy of membership? Isn’t this just a thinly veiled attempt to push developer certification?

  3. Chris Garty says:

    Hi Frank,

    Is the active developer a ‘certification only’ level on purpose or by accident? I feel (and I can see from Dominic’s comment) that a ‘certification only’ level will be a hard pill for some to swallow.

    – Chris

  4. Jonathon Hammond says:

    Community? What are you adding with this new product, other than an excuse to market to developers?

    You risk alienating people like me – in the industry for 18 years, with 17 direct reports (people) and over 700 indirect reports, no MS certifications, and a MS budget that should probably be reviewed.

  5. frank arrigo says:

    we hear your comments and agree.

    look to see some tweaking of the tiers

  6. JosephCooney says:

    Is it that hard to pass a single certification exam to get the "extra" benefits? I think the benefits even at the ‘recognized developer’ level are fairly good.

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