ASP.NET Resource Kit

Kent Sharkey tells us that The ASP.NET Resource Kit is NOW AVAILABLE. Details at

So come one - Let's see if you can break those Download servers!

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  1. Justin King says:

    Mroe like break the registration server, couldn’t register componentone stuff as came up with SQL Server does not exist error.

  2. Frank, is this the same download as the original VB Resource Kit which came out 3 months ago? If not, what’s changed?

  3. frank arrigo says:

    its very different – its for, not visual basic!

    the ASP.NET Resource Kit CD contains information for building every type of application. Included on this CD are:

    Ready-to-use, customizable Web applications with source code

    Hundreds of useful code samples

    Dozens of self paced, step-by-step programming guides

    Training videos

    Free training content from Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centers

    Book chapters from popular ASP.NET titles

    Technical white papers, and more

  4. Kent Sharkey says:

    Also, there are some new controls available for free with this Resource Kit, and offers from assorted hosters.

    TTFN – Kent

    PS: Justin — try again, I think the Registration Server is fixed now.

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