I need a webservice

I've got a project underway (similar to this app by connectedbits) and I need an xml webservice that provides real-time weather, as well as a 4or 5 day forcast, for Australian capital cities.

you know how hard it is to find this basic stuff! gosh! and i was the web services evangelist!!

anyone know of a webservice that could be used for this??

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  1. Ivana Vackoff [MSFT] says:

    Learn to use google.

    And dont start on that gay Enangelist rant.

  2. Hi,

    You could use my Html2Xml WebService (http://www.reflectionit.nl/Html2Xml.aspx). With this service you can convert any webpage (given an url) to Xml. In your case the yahoo wheater pages for Australia. You can use an XPath query or Xslt transformation to filter out your information.

    Look at my StockQuote sample (http://www.reflectionit.nl/WebService/Stocks.aspx).

    I hope this helps you.



  3. For forecasts you’d need to parse this file:


    The observations seem to be split into regional files which could be a bit harder. If someone hasn’t already done this then they should!

  4. When I was working at a local council, I made a similar web service internally, basically a job downloaded a feed from the bureau of meterology every hour. (available via the public ftp), http://www.bom.gov.au for more details.. i then exposed that data as a web service.

    It was for the life guards who needed wind conditions, (well they didn’t really, it was there excuse for internet access!) Well we fixed them!

  5. John Li says:

    This is one for Australia: http://www.stanski.com/services/worldweather/weather.asmx, but it is only the current temperature.

  6. Chris Slatt says:

    Not sure, but Global Weather might have the cities you need.


  7. This is the link that our Sharepoint weather webpart uses:


  8. Weather.com also exposes its data as an XML file. I’d assume you can get Australian weather form them too.

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