A very kind soul, Aaron Cooper, invited me to join Orkut, after I asked him nicely

What a Guy!

So, I'm finally hanging out with the cool kids. Feels nice. I am now connected to 15364 people through friends.

The site is a nice piece of ASP.NET development (I have to make it somewhat relevant).

If anyone of of my readers wants to join Orkut, just leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do!

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  1. Paul says:

    I read your blog… And I can’t believe nobody’s posted a "invite me" comment yet. Looks like I’m the first.

    You don’t know me, but "Please, please, please can I be your friend?" 🙂

    You might need my e-mail address or something… Its paul @ (for spam prevention)digitaltinder . com.

  2. Do you want me to be your friend ? 😀

    I’ve been wanting this lately since a lot of people talks about Orkut…

    You can contact me via the contact page of my blog.

  3. Matt Hawley says:

    Ohh please please please? my email is mhawley @ (REMOVEME)bcsc.com

  4. Howdy,

    I did too, follow Orkut since the early begining but without an invitation I cannot see much further than the front page of the site, or read people’s blog about it 🙂

    I’d really appreciate if you could invite me, as I am very curious about this recent "Social Networking Software" trend.

    Here’s my email addy: jcouture@(removethat)dragon-ware.com

  5. NEVERMIND! Thanks anyway, but I got an invite from someone else! 🙂 Can’t wait to explore this new (to me) universe 😉

    See you there!

  6. Hi Frank,

    I’m quite curious. Even if Robert Scoble said that it’s nothing special 😉 I would like to see by myself.

    Thank you anyway


  7. PaulB says:

    me too…. pretty please with sugar on top 😉


  8. vnrg says:

    hi! i’d like to check it out. could you invite me, please?

    thanx 🙂

    vnrg at energized dot sk


  9. Mark says:

    Please invite me: thanks!

    mrh (at)harrison (dot)ws

  10. Abhijit says:

    I’m a member of linkedin.com and would like to check out orkut. Could you please invite me?

    abhijitgore at(ignore@this.com) hotmail dot com

  11. Frank, I’d be very interested in checking out Orkut and seeing what’s going on there. My email is william at bartholomew dot com dot au.

  12. Paul Andrew says:

    Hey Frank, please invite me (pandrew1 @ hotmail)

  13. William Gates says:

    Please add me too so I can then invite Melinda.

  14. Ivana Vackoff [MSFT] says:

    Hi Bill, hows it hanging.

  15. Nitin says:

    Hi, anybody please invite me to join the orkut community to make new friend’s. Please send me invitaion at nitin_flying@(removethis)yahoo.co.in

  16. Vivek says:

    Hi Frank,

    Please invite me – vivek_chopra@yahoo.com

  17. pyotr says:

    Hey Frank,

    I am a member of other 2 major social networks. Given that here connectivity is the Power, let’s bridge them up!


    ralphus666 @ y!ahoo

  18. Andreas says:


    as a programmer, and a very curious guy, i’d like to be invited to Orkut.

    So, if u could please do that, i’d be very happy.

    email: dreazdesign AT hotmail DOT com

  19. I wanna be your friend, desperately!


    Thankyou! 🙂

  20. Ben says:

    I’d love to join Orkut.

    bgold <at> acedsl.com

  21. arisa says:

    Hi, I am Arisa, 19/F/Japan.

    I am very interested in orkut.

    Can someone invite me to Orkut?

    My mail addres is arisa_crap@yahoo.co.jp

  22. Nikhil murthy says:

    Could you please invite me too. That would be great, as I would really like to try this community out.

    My email is:

    nikhil89 AT sbcglobal DOT net

    also, does anyone know how to get a .gmail account (google’s mail service)?

  23. Joan says:

    I would love to be invited to join Orjut.



  24. William Symons says:

    I would love to join Please send me an invite @


  25. Daniel Bonilla from Peru says:

    Hi Frank, can you invite me, please?

    I hear from orkut a long time ago, but just now I’m trying to join it.


    thank you!

  26. VSEthia says:

    Hi can anyone invite me to join orkut …

    I too am interested in making friends

    my mail id is vsethia@rediffmail.com

  27. James says:

    Haha, i dont like my chances but can i have an invite? Lol, this would mean so much for me. Right now its my 10th day on search for an invite, pritty plzzzz.

    James Bennett


    Thanx heaps

  28. Esmaeel Paryavi says:


    I was interested in joining orkut. I would be very pleased if you could invite me.

    My Email adress is esmaeelp123@yahoo.com


  29. Dayghne says:

    Looks like I’m a little late to the party. But if you are still dishin’ out the invites count me in. cossett22@msn.com


  30. bestfriend says:


    please invite me 2 orkut

    i am a member of gmail nd i will invite u 2

    my eadd is talhaqasim@hotmail.com

    please man i need it

  31. Adeel Khan says:

    Im such a loser.. i have no invites

    Adeel Khan


  32. c says:

    I would like an invite

    email c _ f o o _ @ h o t m a i l . c o m

  33. Craig Tiren says:

    Wow – I really missed teh boat on this one…

    Any possibility of getting an orkut invite?



  34. SALAR says:

    plz invite me to joine orkut.

  35. farzad says:


    My name is farzad and i live in Iran , i’m studing engineering at Tehran University.

    I have heard about orkut but i haven’t anyone to send me an invitation , i saw your blog and know that you are a member so could you help me to join orkut?

    <Good Luck!>


  36. Faizul Kabir says:

    Dear Sir,

    i really want to join orkut.com(.)

    pls do me the favor that is as

    pls invite me to the orkut.com

    if u pls add me to orkut i’ll be

    grateful to u. bye for now.

    waiting for ur reply.

    Faizul Kabir


  37. James says:


    Can u please invite me to Orkut.

    Many thanks,



  38. saeed says:


    it’s a long shot but worth a try.i’d like to be an orkut member to send invitations to the fellas of my country.in iran everybody’s nuts for computers but they don’t know many foreigners. if you would do a favor and send me an invitation i’d be very grateful.


  39. laura says:


    i am desperate to join the Orkut and to get some friends there. also it would be great that i could get the gmail from there. so, please, please send me an invitation to



    Many thanks

  40. sara says:

    I want to join Orkut please invite me, thanks

  41. kiko lin says:

    I don’t know much about orkut or gmail. because I have no chance to try them. could you pls invite me for an orkut mail account?

    I am 25/male/bangkok.

    my yahoo mail account is kiko2lin@yahoo.com

  42. Alex S says:


    Love your site and would equally love an invite for Orkut. If you would be so kind to send one to Kaizer187@hotmail.com

  43. Jason says:

    Your site is cool. I would like to join orkut. Please help me. My email is thedudeinaz@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch

  44. Levent says:

    can someone invite me in orkut. plz…


    22/M/Computer Engineer


  45. Sincosis says:

    :> how’s about you invite me aboard too 😀

    sincosis(at)yahoo{DOT}com 😀

  46. Markus says:

    Hello, could someone please send me an invite? thanks from Canada.



  47. Marcos says:


    I’m trying to get in but i’m running low on friends (that’s why I need to join!). If you could invite me, I would appreciate.

    vaiks at msn dot com

  48. Marcela Berto says:

    Would you please send me an invitation for Orkut? Thanks in advance!

    Name: Marcela Berto

    E-mail: melodia_84@yahoo.com

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