Visio Developers – Rejoice

This note came across my inbox and I am sure it will delight those Visio developers out there -- yes I know who you are!

Announcing the general availability of the Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Visio 2003 SDK contains:New tools, Updates to existing tools, VB, VB.NET and C# reusable methods and procedures, Flowchart sample application in VB, VB.NET and C#,  Managed code tutorial, Treeview sample application in VB.NET, Office Plan sample application in C#, Flowchart automation sample application from Excel in VB, VB.NET, and C# and Documentation. The tools, documentation and sample code will drive faster and more reliable development as well as best practices on the Visio platform. The Visio team is proud to provide an SDK has great content for all Visio developers, especially the Visio developer who is new or moderately experienced with Visio automation.   The free software kit can be downloaded from the Visio developer Web site on MSDN

Oh Happy Days 🙂

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