Australian Architect Partner Forum

The 2004 Annual Microsoft Australian Architect Forum is on in March 2004. For both new and previous attendees, the Microsoft Partner Architect Forum provides an invaluable opportunity for Architects from Microsoft Partner organisations to gain in-depth technical insight from Microsoft, hear exciting updates on upcoming strategy from senior architects from the Microsoft product groups and local specialist speakers.

Have a look at the agenda and outline of speakers.   One of the guest speakers is Pat Helland - woohoo. the King of “Hooking Shit Together” himself!

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  1. I’ll be there, if anyone wants to meet up …

  2. Shannon says:

    Speaking of MSDN AU events, any chance of a DevDays event, or a Whidbey/Longhorn overview event like MSDN UK?

  3. frank arrigo says:

    we expect to be rolling out a whidbey overview in may 2004.

    some of the content will be covered in our security roadshow in march.

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