MCSD .NET fast Track

It's good to see our local partners coming up with some interesting offers. Dimension Data Learning Systems have a MCSD fast track offer.

Take this opportunity to learn what you need to know about the .NET development framework and prove your talent by getting your MCSD credential.

To help you succeed, DDLS has developped a
3 week fast track offer, for only $6,000 (+ GST)!

For further details please
Click Here!

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  1. mark says:

    I guess I don’t know where you are, but from the domain I presume its Australia, but even so….


    That’s US$4600.

    And who really needs to spend that kind of money on an MCSD? It’s debatable if it would pay off, but besides, you can learn the material for an MCSD for approximately $0 (plus exam fees), plus web access costs.

    And really what kind of useful developer are you going to be after only 15 days of training for five separate exams?

    MCSDs are not difficult – they are no way comparable to a real academic qualification, and I’m sorry if you need to pay that kind of money to do what is a pretty easy series of exams, I don’t think I’m interested in employing you. The MCSD is designed as a money-making venture for microsoft – it’s not supposed to be hard!

  2. Scott says:

    I guess slaving over the .NET framework since the 2000 PDC (not to mention all those years of C++/MFC/COM/ATL) was a real waste of time – we could have learnt it all in 15 days…

    Being an evangalist doesn’t mean being a sycophant to every .NET shop with a press release.

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