Publically available Web Services from Microsoft.

When I joined the developer team in 2001, I was charted with evangelising XML Web Services, and specifically helping create publically available Web Services. This was during the excitement of hailstorm. At the time, the only services we had available were passport and alerts, and ironically we didn't implement any of the protocols (such as SOAP or WSDL) that we were evangelising! Talk about pushing stuff up hill. If we talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk.

Slowly the story is getting little bit better, with more services being developed. Aaron Skonnard, in MSDN magazine this month, has a list of publicly-available Web services at Microsoft. And they implement the protocols that matter, as well as support the .net framework.

Well about time!!!

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  1. Phil Scott says:

    I tried to get an MapPoint evaluation account for doing demos in some of my VB.NET and C# classes and it was like pulling teeth to get it. And once I had some good demos running, my account expired.

    I had a pretty cool pizza order entry system going too.

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