Microsoft sets time for cyberwatches.

So Excited!!!

Wristwatches embedded with Microsoft's smart technology are expected to appear in retail stores next month, a move that comes after a delay of several months, a company spokesman said Tuesday. Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) and its subscription-based MSN Direct service will power the wristwatches, along with other devices to be released in the future. The much-hyped technology and watches were initially set to launch in the fall. The delay will lead to Microsoft and retailers missing the lucrative holiday shopping season. more

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  1. I thought Microsoft was going to kill off this technology?

    I just can’t see the benefit to being able to read email, check the weather, or watch my stocks on a wristwatch that is about the 1/8th of a size of the smallest web-enabled cell phone, much less justify the expense of doing so.

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