Microsoft claims J2EE too complex for ISVs, business

I've been quoted in the press again! This came from an interview I had with Fleur Doidge at the ANZ Partner conference last month.

I spoke about ISVs finding it easier to develop solutions with .NET, compared to J2EE, and do you think she spoke to any ISVs using .NET - ahh no. But we heard from Sun, and from one of their partners. Gotta love balanced journalism.

Microsoft claims J2EE too complex for ISVs, business
Microsoft expects .NET to take the development platform crown from rival J2EE, relegating the current leader to academia and other niche markets in favour of what it sees as the 'easier' alternative.

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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    Well, how can you compare the two if .NET doesn’t have EJB-CMP, JDO or other core buildingblocks?

  2. frank arrigo says:

    you’re missing the point.

    what i actually told this journalist was that services companies prefer j2ee, as it allows them to "sell" more people, whereas isvs need to get stuff done quickly.

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