Propoganda or helpful information

Frans has given me some open and honest feedback.

No offense is taken.

They way I see it, I have a job to do -- help developers be successful with MS technologies.Part of that, is by increasing the awareness of the services, events, activities that are on offer. What I will do is use “my voice“, rather than a newsletter voice. I suspect frans' issue also relates to the way in which the message is delivered.

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  1. Phil Weber says:

    Hi, Frank: Part of the issue is that many of the items you post are only relevant to developers in Australia. I think the only reasonable solution for anyone who has a problem with it is to unsubscribe from the main feed, and instead subscribe to individual blogs which they find relevant.

  2. unsubscribing to the main feed is not a "reasonable solution for anyone".

  3. Phil Weber says:

    Well, then, Shannon, what do you suggest for people who don’t want to read information that’s not relevant to them? It’s not reasonable to ask Frank to stop posting his stuff, yet it’s clearly not of interest to everyone. If you have a constructive suggestion, please feel free to share it.

  4. I really don’t think there is a *real* issue here.

    This is someones personal blog. Increasing awareness among developers, wherever they may reside happens to be that persons job.

    I think that people should exercise a common human trait know as self discretion and not read something that offends them or is not aligned to their beliefs or thoughts.

    I have seen posts on that are not .NET orientated so whats the problem? If a person wants to blog about their work or about their personal life then let them blog about it. If you dont like the content of a certain blog then don’t read it.

    Really simple I think.

  5. I would suggest they stop reading the post when they see it is not of interest to them.

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