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Sign up to join the .NET Connected Logo program by December 31, 2003 and receive a complimentary .NET Connected Logo test.

This is really really cool. There are over 40 Australian companies that have already gotten their logo - here is the listing of .net connected logo partners. 

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  1. I do not understand what is the benefit of that. Must buy a expensive certitificate and allowed to use that logo?


  2. Frank Arrigo says:

    Hannes, you pose a terrific question.

    Solutions branded with the .NET Connected logo enable customers to more quickly and easily integrate with their business partners, connect with their own customers, and provide the right information to their employees – saving precious time and conserving capital. The logo identifies a product or service that they can trust.

    It takes time to build that trust.

  3. nice marketing sentence.. not more!

  4. Frank Arrigo says:

    The digital certificate costs $400 USD, and it can be reused. Surely this isnt too high a cost. In return, a number of marketing programs will be made available.

    At the end of a day, you want to sell your solution. This will helps.

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