Prism 5.0 for WPF just shipped.

Prism version 5.0 for WPF is now available. This version of Prism includes updates to existing and several new NuGet packages:

  1. Prism
  2. Prism.Composition (New)
  3. Prism.Interactivity (New)
  4. Prism.Mvvm (New)
  5. Prism.MefExtensions
  6. Prism.UnityExtensions

We’ve updated Prism 4.1 with bug fixes and a few new features. We’ve removed Silverlight support. Windows Phone 8.1 will be supported in a future project. I hope you find this guidance and accompanying libraries helpful and useful.

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  1. shaggygi says:

    Great job team!  Hope to see some news/attention on the Win/WP 8.1 for PRISM update.  As always… we want more!  But seriously, great job team on this update!

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Se ha eliminado el soporte para silverlight? Cual es el futuro de esa tecnologia entonces?

  3. Juan Carlos: The main reason we removed support for Silverlight was because BindableBase leverages the CallerMemberNameAttribute which is not available in Silverlight.

  4. Perla says:

    Hey there …

    somebody knows about if Prism has MS-PL?

    thank you best regards

  5. Yes. Prism is currently under MS-PL but we're working on changing it to a less restrictive license.

    Thanks for your interest Perla.

  6. Perla says:

    thank you Francis …

    I have another question …

    If I'm using Prism with MS-PL license in my development app  … Should I release it below MS-PL license?

    Best Regards

  7. Hello Perla,

    I can't provide you legal advice.

    However, I don't think you need to retain the license if you publish only binaries. If you publish source, on the other hand, you'll need to talk to legal counsel.


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