Tombstoning in Windows Phone 7.5

There is quite a bit written on how to handle tombstoning on a Windows Phone. Most of the guidance is for code-behind developers. Here is an MSDN article (How to: Preserve and Restore Page State for Windows Phone) that shows how to use the Page’s OnNavigatedTo and OnNavigatedFrom methods to preserve and restore page state….


Case Study: TailSpin Windows Phone Survey Application

We are just about to release an update to the Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide that p&p shipped one year ago. The updated guidance takes the same scenario but updates the phone client application leveraging features in the Windows Phone 7.1 OS Mango release. We will ultimately publish the final bits and docs on MSDN…


Composite Services Guidance: External Routing Configuration sample

Let me give you a little background on this sample. If you look at the WCF Routing Service, you can quickly and easily configure a router with endpoints and message filters in the web.config. This is a great way to set up context based routing. You can configure a message filter that identifies messages that…


Composite Services Guidance–Release Candidate

Yesterday we uploaded a release candidate drop of our Composite Services Guidance to CodePlex. This should be very close to our final release. The following is just a few items included in the RC drop that you may not have seen before: Enhancements to the Inventory Catalog Explorer (ICE) tool Capability Composition sample Canonical Versioning…