SHIPPED!!! Composite Application Guidance for WPF June 2008

Here is the landing page:

Here is the download page:

I didn't notice how much hard work went into this project because I was having so much fun. Pair programming with the likes of Bob, Julian, Ezequiel, Brian, and Adam was an amazing experience.

Thanks to Bob Brumfield for his outstanding technical leadership. Many of the refinements of the of how we implemented patterns such as MVP were lead by Bob.

Thanks to Glenn Block for organizing a highly involved advisory board and for standing up for the needs of the customer.

Thanks to Blaine Wastell for cracking the whip, keeping us on schedule and keeping our backlog filled and prioritized.

Thanks to our awesome WPF experts: Brian Noyes and Adam Calderon who taught me the difference between a Panel control and a hole in the wall. 🙂

Thanks to our fabulous test team: Larry Brader, Prasad Paluri, Arun Subramonian Namboothiri, & Gokul Janardhanan for keeping us honest, helping driving quality, and for automating all the acceptance tests.

Thanks to the awesome developers from Southworks: Julian Dominguez & Ezequiel Jadib. I want to thank Julian specifically for his hard work and patience. I learned so much sitting between Julian and Bob, I will forever be in their debt.

Last but not least is our wonderful documentation team: Nelly Delgado, , Mariano Szklanny, and Diego Poza. Thank you for helping make sense out of our random thoughts and chicken scratchings.

Thank you all for your time and hard work!

As for myself, I'll be moving on to another project and another technology. I'll be working with Blaine to help put together some much needed guidance on developing applications using SharePoint 2007 technologies.

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  1. A while back, I was Dev Lead on the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) when we added the ability to

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