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Hello. I've decided to start a blog to help CodeContracts users, present some tricks to get the best from the tools, in particular the static checker and in general to give some update on what's new and cool in the program analysis and verification environments as well as to explain some of the theory and the concepts that are at the base of static analysis and verification

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Steven Liekens says:


    Can you do a blog post that explains how to go about configuring each csproj for Code Contracts? That part always confuses me, and not in the least bit because there are well over 20 checkboxes to choose from.


  3. Hi Steven, I will be happy to do it.

    Just a clarification do you want us to explain the UI options or how to create a common property files shared among different projects

  4. Daniel says:

    Will you start posting release notes announcements here as well?

    We are currently waiting for the release notes for the last two releases to become available and we are not alone as we can see on the forum  (se the social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/please-update-the-release-notes)

  5. Luke says:

    There is persistent issue with Code Contracts setup. On trying to update through the Extension and Tools menu in VS 2013 Update 3, the msi gets downloaded. Even after running the msi however, VS2013.3 still shows as requiring update. This is a persistent issue with Code Contracts msi. Please correct

  6. StevenLiekens says:



    I think what I'm really asking is that you write something about chapter 5 of the user manual.

    My understanding is that the analysis tools have a configurable 'aggressiveness'. So they can be configured to let the program crash with an exception -or- display a message box -or- ignore the contract violation. The UI options are well documented, but I can never figure out which configuration is best for my environment. Especially for team projects where I can't expect everyone to have the analysis tools installed (… or can I?).

    Another big part of my workflow is creating additional solution configurations based on the default Debug or Release configurations, then tweaking it for Code Contracts. For big solutions (> 3 project), this is pretty tedious work. Surely there has to be a better way to do this?

  7. Thank you very much for the proposed items. We are taking note of them, we will address them (and please keep suggesting)


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