OneDrive not updated after upgrade to Windows 10 1709

For whatever reason, OneDrive did not update in one of my machines after I upgraded to the new Windows 10, 1709. I was able to bump it up by downloading the setup file from here:   I found the address in the AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\StandaloneUpdater\Update.xml file. It was pointing to the old version, so I’ve got…


CompatTelRunner.exe running disk hot and consuming too many resources in Windows 10

Lots of people have reported having disk usage at 100% after booting Windows 10, and seeing CompatTelRunner.exe scanning a lot of files. (See Anyone know what CompatTelRunner.exe is/does?) Using procexp.exe, I found that the offending process was started from a scheduled task, namely, Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, which is found in Computer Manager under Task Scheduler\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\ProgramDataUpdater….


VW Test Driven Design

From the Washington Post: “By measuring how long the engine was running, the vehicle’s speeds, and even seemingly esoteric factors, such as the position of the steering wheel and barometric pressure, Volkswagen vehicles could understand they were being tested and so adjusted their engine performance to pass the tests, according to the EPA.” That is…


Is it just me or Windows 10 is looking like Windows 1.0?

The Windows 10 UI is still being polished and worked on, but between the “hamburger” icon, border-less windows, auto-tiling, flat icons and a flat taskbar, Windows 10 is finally bringing back the glory days of Windows 1.0! In honor of the good-old-days, I have recreated the Windows 1.0 screenshot from the Windows History, using Windows…


Inside the Exchange 2010 Web Management Interface – Part I

It has been a while since my last post, as I was finishing up work on the upcoming Exchange 2010 Web Management Interface, internally known as the “Exchange Control Panel” or simply ECP, so it seems fit to give you a peak of what is inside the hood. Exchange Control Panel is a web application…


How to properly convert SecureString to String

It feels like forever since SecureString has been introduced in the .Net Framework and yet I keep seeing it being mishandled, in particular by code that returns or receives passwords in clear text, so in this post I’ll show what you should be looking for when doing code reviews and finding conversions from SecureString to…


Eliminate barely used fields

Let’s start this blog with something simple but that I see every once in a while during code reviews: barely used fields. These are fields that get used once in a while, but not all the time. In the middle of all your code they seem to be necessary, but closer inspection may reveal that…



I’m a software developer working for the Microsoft Exchange Server team since the days of Exchange 2000, primarily with the architecture and the infrastructure of the administrative user interface components such as Exchange extensions for ‘Users and Computers’, the Exchange System Manager, the Exchange Management Console, the Exchange Management Shell and, more recently, the Web…