Tuesday Featured Post: An example of what details to add with your question

Good Day all!

We are back with the Tuesday’s Featured Post where we discuss a Forum Post or a Forum Thread from the MSDN or TechNet Forums and then highlight the value that they added.

I was analyzing a few recent threads from the Visual C# forums and there I found various interesting posts, among of them this is my pick Strange behavior with Task.run asked by Aimee.Young. What grabbed my attention is that the Original Poster provided necessary information with his/her question for the answerer to figure out where the issue is. This type of information what answerer is always looking when answering to a post.

Let’s see what does this forum post contained:

  • Original Poster expresses the issue with a simple question
  • A code snippet with the output result
  • What OP thought issue the might be

Let's get into details what value does the above three points add in a Q & A thread.

Original Poster expresses the issue with a simple question, In this post we see that the OP posted the question in Simple, Short and Straight forward way expressing what issue he/she facing. If you notice that even though this post does not contains any details descriptions about the issue except only the question, but if you say it right sometimes a single line of sentence can express a lot without any descriptions.

A code snippet with the output result, One better way to understand or figure it out for the answerer to why the user is facing the issue is by going to the code snippet to find out where he/she is going wrong. Most of the time OP does not provide this information and answerer have to ask the OP to provide the code snippet on the issue that is generated on. Sometimes this causes delay to get to the solution. But here in this post we can see that when posting the question OP provided necessary information regarding the issue like, code snippet where the issue generated for the answerer to figure out what is wrong. Also as OP not just provided only the code snippet but also the output result screenshot of the code, this shows a certain amount of "effort that OP has done" and this is why people are generally more willing to help.

What OP thought the issue might be, Lastly, as the OP did not get the expected output result what he/she was expecting even though code is not giving any error so, he/she shares the concern or thoughts what the issue might be but not sure it is correct or not. This point gives the people to understand that OP knows what he/she is doing but somewhere along the way the process is going wrong.

These are the some basic points that people are looking for when answering in a thread as this gives them clue to figure out where it is going wrong.

With this forum post we can see that providing necessary information about the issue with the question that you posted will let you getting to the solution more quickly. These kind of post are an example of how to post your issue in forum. Hope in this coming new year we will get to see more post like this. Wishing you all "HAPPY NEW YEAR!".

Thank You,

-Ninja Sabah

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