The Technet Wiki forum in Portuguese!

We have a few forums that help give answers to different TechNet/MSDN tools. And Wiki has inspired some momentum in Brazil!

And that led to this TechNet Wiki forum in the Portuguese language:


The purpose of the forum is to help the Brazil Portuguese community use TechNet Wiki!

One of the original moderators is Microsoft MVP, Luciano Lima [MVP] Brazil.


Let's look at the sticky thread at the top:


Wiki: Como Fazer um Excelente Artigo no Wiki

Um excelente artigo no Wiki fornece uma ou mais informações necessárias para o leitor com base no título e no primeiro parágrafo. Se você prometer descrever como implantar uma certa característica em um determinado ambiente, seu artigo deve ser conciso e sucinto descrevendo o ambiente e condições prévias, listar as etapas e descrever o estado final com diagramas, vídeos e outros materiais de apoio conforme necessário para que o leitor possa concluir a tarefa.

Leia o artigo completo em:

And now here is the English version:


Wiki: how to make an excellent article in the Wiki
An excellent article in the Wiki provides one or more piece of required information to the reader, based on the title and the first paragraph. If you promise to describe how to deploy a certain feature in a particular environment, your article should be concise and succinct in describing the environment and preconditions, list the steps and describe the final State with diagrams, videos, and other supporting materials as needed so that the reader can complete the task.
Read the full article at:
We're proud to have the Portuguese community contributing both on TechNet Wiki and on the TechNet Forums!
We're either Forum or we're against 'em,
    - Ninja Ed

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  1. pituach says:

    The great from both worlds together!
    Forums + TechNet WIKI = Forum for the TechNet WIKI
    Add to this equation the local language and what have you got?!?
    ** The TechNet Wiki forum in Portuguese! **

  2. You also have a case of confusion. =^)

  3. The diversity of the msdns technet forums to be delivered arund the world with alot of informations i think it is a value for every one on the msdns technet.

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